#Gamergate, Infragard, Stasi, DHS, artificial intelligence and gang stalking

Gang stalking and search language: ROGS is crowd sourcing the investigation into “who are gang stalkers,” in many ways, and one of my favorite “returns” on my investment is the actual search language that gets directed to my blog.

Much the same way that cowardly gang stalkers have hidden their evil and mayhem, and plausible deniability behind “the war on terror,” and saving dipshit teen girls who post their boobie pics all over the place, I write ROGS with veiled intentions too.

Oh, alright-maybe not-so-veiled: I have been very honest since 2004, that this is a huge F@ck YOU to those who hide behind secret societies, and “high policing,” to steal even more of the time from the poor, the disenfranchised, and the dissident; and who take burrito sized sh!ts all over the Constitution and due process in the process of getting all nice and fat.

Gang stalking and search language is one way to validate features of the common complaint of OGS, and ROGS is crowd sourcing the investigation into “who are gang stalkers,” in many ways, and one of my favorite “returns” on my investment is the actual search language that gets directed to my blog.

Related: “The Enemy Within” How RAND Corporation began to slide the civil rights and due process bar by wooing then head of the FBI Robert Mueller into the globalist fold by false comparisons to Four of the FiveEyes Alliance nations, and “terrorism hysteria,” of course. Or, new shiny heels on the poor starving pigs.

Here is what some are searching for today, and the connections they are making to “who are gang stalkers” and how “gang stalkers use artificial intelligence” to attempt to manipulate people, politics, and to actually stop the democratic use of the internet by flooding our “choices” with fascist options, and entrapment of all of our data, that is then used in NSA-to-FiveEyes-and-Israel comprise operations that are waged on individuals.

For me, I have learned to take it very seriously when a retired USAF investigator, from a longitudinal cult related directly to foreign spy agencies, or yet another internet provocateur is targeting me, personally. As some of the good people say “Never Forget” where you come from; never forget that history repeats itself when the military and police power conspire with the One Percent to wage totalitarianism.

Today’s search language:

infragard gangstalking
a.i bots online gangstalking
a.i accounts stalking
infragard gangstalking stasi

And: an outbound link that three people clicked, for the first time EVER, to another author who derides UN Transatlantic policy, via the attack on Japanese cultural practices: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/author/colin-pa-jones/

So, one of the ways we can ascertain that gang stalking is real, and that others experience it, AND that many rational people are beginning to make connections to gang stalking and hidden “high policing” that takes place online and in Fusion Centers, routed from the NSA and British IC before it is the brought “offline” where  “low policing” functions take place, is to simply monitor search language, personally.

You see, one of the main claims that has been made by gang stalking denialists is that OGS victims are “delusional” and “part of a potentially dangerous online community,” of targeted individuals. Well, this is called “official source gas lighting,” and it is practiced by those who sit within the exact MIC/DVIC/PIC that stands to profit from all the disorders they are CAUSING in the western world.

And, a big part of them being able to continue to cause harm is by denying that TI’s have “personal agency.” Again, this is by design, because as we see thee same are the ones who continue to profit from the Hegelian dialectic/IchDu Buberism’s/Barthes styled deconstructions of identity/ Freudian projection.

Agency is where you, the targeted person begin to be aware that you, individually and specifically, are targeted because of who you are, and how you think, by well heeled psychopaths from various institutions, and hidden practices that some feel are authorized by the DVIC gray area schemes that have slowly drained the blood out of our democracy.

Here- look at where some of my awareness began in 2004-that some who worked from institutions targeted me personally, directly, and in hidden capacity. These who targeted me worked in: 1) politics 2) government 3) academia 4) policing 5) private security consultants financed by the DHS 6) more as yet to be discovered and named.

And now look!

My little, free, WordPress blog is changing the dialectic, and taking power away from the oily scumbags who have targeted me. Here below is a snippet of that exact moment when I was able to use internet functions to discover the exact things I am writing about now. This conversation took place over a three year period, used multiple computers from multiple resource areas, and I documented the newly emerged national NSA/Fusion Center wiretap with this one conversation.

Related: It’s not Treason if you leave citizen’s data in the wide open on Amazon 3 “by accident” with “plausible deniability,” right kids? How the Army left you exposed to violent crime, and worse.

“the metadata of files stored on the virtual hard drive allowed researchers to determine the SSD image held troves of highly sensitive files, some of which were classified with the TOP SECRET and NOFORN (NO FOReign Nationals) security classifiers.

Metadata from one of the files found inside the leaked VM image file

Here was the aha moment that took me about three years to “prove” and this is just the tip of the Icyberg. And here is how I was able to connect British IC activity to my personal blackmail event, but also, to #Gamergate, where UK intelligence agents began to influence our national “American conversation” under the watchful eyes of the DHS and the FBI, and with direct assistance from the NSA. And all of this subverted individuals to what they will one day claim is a “greater good,” in the name of “national security,” which is neither, because “they” (whoever “they” are….) are so many layers deep into the absolute subversion of due process that it will take an Army of “us” to get a case together.

In other words: intelligence operations came “home” in the most Constitutionally cringe worthy manner in 2008, and I “proved”it in 2011, as some “white knights” and their minions hidden away along the cancerous internet backbone used protected information, from protected databases, in unwarranted access to leverage politics and procedure out of the hands of Democracy, ad those of us who believe in it.

Now, while our agencies target people all over the world, and share the information across international boundaries, and literally trade citizens from their own nations around like baseball cards, we see the full scale blurring of these lines within our own agencies and practices-in other words, targeting individuals on a MILITARY SCALE is literally a CIVILIAN problem now.

So, the Brit’s do the illegal, un-Constitutional dirty work that American agencies and miltary operatives are prohibited from doing to their “own” citizens, and our US agencies do this to “their” citizens in a huge demolition of due process. But because it has so far evaded being seen as that, the vast majority of American’s don’t even know its happening.

Here is what targeting is according to the US Army Police Intelligence Operations manual:

Targets may be identified for further informational exploitation as conduits to attack an enemy, criminal, or terrorist network. Sometimes, PIO results in a prosecution in a court of law. If the prosecution takes place in an emerging democracy, it shows the people of that nation the value of a professional police force that operates within the rule of law. PIO activities also provide information critical to determining measures required to protect the force.


#Gamergate indeed. We are human chess pieces on their huge board of “games,” (whoever “they” are...)many of which are derived from John Forbes Nash’s head.



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