December, 2016: ACLU, Gil v. DOJ, Ed the Morgellons guy, and PsyOps, in America

So, Ed and his pal “Celeste”-one of the many Celeste’s- hit my blog up around the same time. And, most of those who hit my blog up are in one way or another involved in some Psyop, or some “deep state” B.S., so much so that it has become a predictable pattern (use my search feature for “I get Letters”).

And after awhile, I’ve made my mark, because it’s hard to hide claims of Morgellon’s in conversations that-somehow-slip in information from my own actual personal life of over 10 years ago (my regular reader will know what this means) and expect to be taken seriously with a straight face.

What is organized stalking? Ask the Intercept “what is counter-intelligence” surveillance and monitoring, and data collection instead.[photo from the Intercept]
But like they all do, these operators slip away after they get made, or otherwise are busted in their psyop/security theater/webterrogation/controlled delivery session. But I can smell RAT’s from miles away. It’s plainly PLAINBIZARRE how long these folk have dragged this out, and justice none the wiser-and neither is the public at large.

But just before Ed exits, stage left, he is zipping around between SB, and MN, and back again, telling the special peeple in the Land of Ten Thousand Minnetonka Moccassins to erase the tapes, or send them on to his base ops, wherever it is. I mean-for an unemployed former federal defense attorney, he sure flies around alot.

Related Story: How private security contractors Tigerswan stalked, and monitored activists and others at Standing rock after having created a “no-fly zone” in our public airways Get out the ROGS BINGO card! And, the ACLU asks:

Why Did a Private Security Contractor Treat Standing Rock Protesters Like ‘Jihadists’?

And so does Celeste, who one day is saving the cute animals and kitties in South Korean bordellos, and the next, she’s in in Seattle, and the next in Tennessee, with a stop-off at the Standing Rock Pipeline, for “who knows what.”

I mean: in the last two months I knew him, he flew at least four flights that he discussed, and at one point drove the length of the CA coastline in search of rocks-and all this culminated in odd questions posed at even more odd times. Like-in an eection year, just as I was shaking a ten year old tail.

And when I contemplated the power that he and others in his “network” had over my life for over two decades, I wonder: why don’t all the “good peeple” break the stories BEFORE the election is over, and their annointed Queen didn’t win?

Like-why did I have be the one to tell Ed “Yeah, Ed, Twitter actually messes with people’s accounts in real time. There’s even a “network” of insiders there and outside of there that have real time access to Tweets AS WE TWEET them.”

Well- Ed, he says he had never heard of either the FiveEyes Nations alliance, OR Twtter’s firehose, OR even gang stalking.

“Gang stalking? What’s that?” He said ” I’ve never heard of it!” And shortly thereafter, he is telling me about his Morgellon’s blog, and then, flying down to S.B., and dropping hints about his own experiences on FlightAware, and in the air as well, as planes draw circles on maps.

Never mind all that bad data about flight schools and terrorists and all that bad intel about fake terror and manufactured terror-the real story is now and always has been that our tax dollars are being spent to demolish due process-the REAL terrorists are those who watched the surveillance state get built on top of our civil liberties, and who did NOTHING to stop it; and worse-those who had the training, but were caught in some rats and snitches sting, and so they dropped their lawyer training inn the toilet instead.

I mean- were were these assholes with vagina hats in 2004?

So-just AFTER I last spoke with Ed about the Twitter firehose, and how silent the ACLU had been about it (in an election year)-Look!

This story broke, about how Fusion Centers were/are using SOCMINT to destroy actual democracy, inn real time-and how they DO watch us in REAL TIME.

And then this challenge in Gil v. DOJ, which i had nothing to do with, but that was curiously timed for just after the election, and revealed to me at least, the partisan bargaining that all the good peeple with law degrees are up to. They’re almost as bad as the “bad guys,” sometimes.

And Ed was exceptionally evasive about all those trips back and forth. Even more evasive about his photograph online with the flight gear on.AND: even MORE evasive about which political group he was working for, but he did give me a hint: it rhymes with “Mom-unists” and, if you whisper the name really softly, it sounds like “shaina maidel” or “shatans shell”

But really, it was the Asian Law Caucus, sitting on it’s ass for nearly a decade, stewing in racism rather than fighting for civil rights, or any other thing:

Gill v. DOJ (Challenge to Federal Suspicious Activity Reporting)

December 8, 2016





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