What is the Judenrate, and how does history repeat itself with white female leaders? “You’ll never work in this town again!”

What is “ritual abuse” and who profits from it? Ask this little boy, who was used as a prop in “medical theater” and operated on like a lab rat in a well hidden form of peonage where peoples actual lives are used in industries ranging from the medical and Big Pharma community, to the DVIC to the PIC that turn human bodies into profits.

The DVIC is Slavery by Another Name

A Dallas mother took her 8-year-old son Christopher (shown) on 323 hospital visits since his birth. He has had 13 major surgeries
Father fights for custody of his eight-year-old son after the boy’s mother falsely claimed the child was severely ill resulting in more than 300 hospital visits and 13 major surgeries<br />, and none of them were medically necessary,by all accounts.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5177043/Man-fights-custody-son-fake-illness-plot.html#ixzz51D1JQvsv
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Look at one boys life through the lens of him being a social experiment in tolerance for official lies, backed by gang stalkers from the industries mentioned above and also note that these gang stalkers online gibberish, spewed by disinformation agents and agencies, frequently traces back to high level officials in government, law, and health care.

“How do you do 13 surgeries and not question the fifth surgery? The sixth surgery?” Crawford asks WFAA. Crawford says he went to family court multiple times to convince them there was nothing wrong with Christopher. Read the whole story from Newser.com, and a longer read from Dailymail.co.uk

Who are the gang stalkers? Fequently, they are criminal syndicates,working from within government, the private sector, and their corruption under for-profit policing schemes.

Related Stories: Read about the Zappalla crime family in Pennsylvania which has tentacles in the Kid$ for Ca$h scandal, where a judge and social workers literaly sold children to pedophiles and others.

“known as a legal and judicial powerhouse encompassing a former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, the current Allegheny County District Attorney and a present candidate for judge on the Court of Common Pleas.”

Then, watch how the district attorneys in that area utilize institutional rape to coerce informants, and how that affected Andy Ostrowski, and many other men and boys.

As we see in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Al Franken, Roy Moore, and others, and all of the fakerape’s that have sprung from it, fakerape, “sexual harassment culture,” and pedofication are political. Worse, these seek to legitimize the criminalization of men primarily, and then individual persons, groups, and social customs stretching back into the distant past, while overlooking the massive profiteering of children in the custody of the DVIC and the mothers of these children.

This, more than anything, is why the FISC/FISA, section 702 has been erected as an obstacle to actual progress-and in darkness-by the One Percent. And the thoughts I expressed above are among the most highly policed online. In fact, if you wan to get gang stalked talk about: females who abuse children; the DVIC and it’s subsidiary profiteering-from-children schemes; or Jewish involvement in these atrocities (or any atrocities for that matter.)

And of those at the top whose riches were derived from prior era’s wars, or the peonage of others, they LOVE blonde women. And, the same, exact political alliance between the one percent hiding blonde women in politics was a precursor to Hitler, Stalin, and other dictators too, enacting similar laws as Section 702.

Related Stories: Do gentlemen  actually prefer blondes, or is that  a remnant of the slave era? And-why do famous directors like WoodY Allen and the rest of the Hollywood Cabal always hire blondes-but never black women, Asian women or others for lead roles in movies (and the politics that they finance)?

And, this is also the basis of gang stalking as well, in many forms, as academic stalkings and police stalkings blur in the political arena; and that augmented by “community policing” that is informed by “high policing” tactics and methods.

And, then, like now, we see that men are demonized along lines of sexuality while children are nearly eaten alive in “social” schemes that claim to act in their interests, which is what the DVIC is.

In other words, the extreme perversity of power exercised in secret using secret laws, and hidden practices, exerts itself on individuals in various hidden forms, which for some, cause Level X thinking, because by design, gang stalking is meant to be confusing, and appear “magical.” But when we analyze it more deeply, we see that it is straight out of the books, and those books are indeed very powerful “magic.”

You might have heard of this book of magic tricks before, the books that gang stalkers use-it’s called “the Bible” and it’s parent books in “the Torah,” but fewer have heard of the books that these slavers use one generation after the next to cause divide-and-conquer opportunities. Those books are called “Jewish law and custom,” which get translated as “Kabbalah,” which is the “hidden” teachings of power through numerology, trickery, and the causation of chaos; not least of which is the hiring of a mercenary class of “white knights,” from other ethnicities and religions that themselves descend from Babylonian mystery cults.

So, I would like to point to one of my favorite tricks that gets used every hundred years or so in the west: the adulation of white, blonde females, who are trained to do the dirty work of slavery, after the male heads of households are entrapped, murdered, or otherwise disposed of in schemes that we see today, such as the DVIC, which genders violence as male, despite plentiful evidence otherwise; or the Prison Industrial Complex, which has merely replace the peonage systems of old.

On one hand, it serves the DVIC/MIC/PIC purpose of criminalizing men in general, and then, targeting men and women who dissent. That those with power erected it as a wall, much like the real wall in Berlin, or the wall in Israel, or Trumps wall-it is designed to keep those without power from scaling it, or challenging its basis in disparate limitations on many, that benefits only the purposes of the few. That in its own way, it is another golden calf, but with the blonde woman, who has long been the mouthpiece for hidden slavers and tribalist marauders.

This all had its origins in 1993, and the Violence Against Women Act, which, on the surface, seemed like a noble cause of any decent person. Who wouldn’t stand  up for a woman in distress, from a stronger, and abusive man? The problem, however, is that like all DVIC/PIC/MIC social dramas and social engineering, it was then and is now total bullsh!t, based on stereotypes, myths, and the Edward Bernaysian “lie that travels the world” by design: it is the engine that fuels the international war machine, and “progress.”

But “progress to where? To what? And-how? As I shall demonstrate, this progress is a financial return going “into the bank” of some, with the goal that others will be broken, and, as we see with the frequently repeated memetic of OGS, the how is through ” incarcerated, institutionalized, or suicide.”

For proofs, I offer many herein, and here too, as we see the DHS working “in darkness,” employing white knightery, actual state conceived provocations, and “save the sex workers” while also leveraging and literally exploiting them as well. And we see how this works with Fusion Centers, and local police as a vertically integrated CIA styled asset forfeiture racket via institution level corruption that defies the Constitution.

Us versus Them, ay? Cunty bollocks…

If the west is suffering from a social disease today, it is likely the same social disease-and its associated social contagions that have plagued it for 3500 years or so-the problem of Abrahamic religions, aka Jewish-christianity and now, their new Big Brother in Holy Banking, Saudi wahaabism.

These are at their core, ultra-conservative fanatical religions that seek to slander, defame, enslave, incarcerate, murder, and disenfranchise you, and the tool they use are their “holy teachings.” But in order to understand the link between these religions as eugenic, and homicidal, and slanderous, you must understand what the One Percent are, and what their agenda is. And if you are not “with them” they will say that you are “against them,” in the odd paradox of extremely profitable DVIC oriented cry-bullying that we see all over the internet today, and elsewhere.

Who Are the One Percent?

Here is who the One Percent are in America by race, and with some basic mathematical analyses applied:

Race of US Billionaires

The New York Times states that 82% of the one percent of richest Americans are white (includes Jews), while Asians account for 7%, and another source states that blacks account for 1.4%.
Race of 1% Richest AmericansSince 10.25%** of all of America’s millionaires are Jewish, as well as 36% of the billionaires***, the number of Jews in the 1% has to be somewhere in between. A conservative estimate of 21% will be used for this analysis.
Given this estimation, Jews are 10 times overrepresented among the richest 1%, while whites are 1.15 times underrepresented, Asians 1.46 times overrepresented, and blacks 8.9 times underrepresented.
racial-representation-of-1-PercentBy looking at the charts, one can see that whites aren’t really that rich at all, and they certainly aren’t overrepresented among the ranks of the ultra wealthy Americans. So why would the media perpetuate the racist stereotype that caucasians of European descent are rich and powerful? There is no question that the media is predominately managed and owned by Jewish Americans, and this very well may influence the way the 1% are characterized in the press. But then why don’t Ivy league Universities produce studies on Jewish over-representation and racial discrimination which would expose this fact and thereby help to end the myth of white European wealth/power?
Once again, Jewish over-representation is the most likely answer. Eighty percentof the top Ivy League administrators are either Jewish or married to Jews. And these administrators admit Jewish students at between a 7-15 times overrepresented rate to their proportion of the population.
Professor Kevin McDonald concludes, “These data strongly suggest that Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities has nothing to do with IQ but with discrimination against non-Jewish White Americans.”
It is important that I point you, the reader, to my page about anti-semitism, so that you understand that the dialectic-and the cry-bullies, are financed by a certain and specific class of persons who themselves are of the most vile, amoral, botched people on earth. These have squandered all of America’s resources, and then criminalized dissent, locked up, or otherwise neutralized male resistance, or militarized it to the point where independent thinking and self reliance themselves are demonized.
Then, have a look at their tool of choice in all matters, which is ritual defamation, which-without irony- is also the main tool of organized gang stalking.
Then, I would like you to take a look at this cartoon, from Ben Garrison, a cartoonist who was slandered and defamed in the last election cycle by these well hidden bullies from the one percent, and contemplate what I am describing in this essay about the alliance with “white progressive females,”


Image result for cry bullies
Note that someone who has been ritually defamed ALSO is aware that gas-lighting is part of the tactics of OGS. The artist, Ben Garrison, a libertarian, was slandered by racist Jews and their one percenter’s as an anti-semite, and an altRight Republican after he refused their advances in an elevator. It is worth noting that the one percent employs a tribal/racist/ethnicist strategy to gain wealth and power, and few of them have ever worked a day in their life, yet these profit from the work of others, and exploit the DVIC/PIC as industries themseves-which is itself a form of peonage and modern slavery. Here is more about that slander from Wired magazine.

In short-this is the tarnshumanist agenda in action and its goal is to keep you ignorant, bickering, angry, and otherwise hurt you, defame, harm, incarcerate, abuse you, personally, until you conform to their “religion” and their way of doing things via your submission to their many racist agendas. Failing that, they will stalk you, in highly orchestrated, highly organized, and frequently hidden mobs, aka organized gang stalking.

Who are “they”? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think that graph up there is pretty good place to start.

I and thousands of others have documented this all over the web, along with many excellent journalists from many tribes and sects from within our democracies who have documented it as well, and yet, as we see, cultists and transhumanists continue to attempt to criminalize our writings, and their white knight class of mercenaries and thugs work “in darkness” from hidden Fusion Centers, and along the internet backbone, policing speech itself.

They attack people from hidden positions along the dialectic, using tools that all pay homage to their “god” with names like DEITYBOUNCE which they use to attack your rights, and your liberty from your own computer, using tactics and methods that are themselves illegal, and remain unchallenged in any court room ever. This is what the powerful do, and this is also why the term “cowards” is so frequently associate with them in the OGS community. Cowardice to them

Related Reading: Jews and Slavery from Louis Farrakhan; and,frequently these gang stalkers online will use the language that “sure, targets are our slaves!” and so on-so here’s a catalogue of the actual hacking exploits that the NSA-FiveEyes-Israel uses to wiretap our computers by writing code into our hard drives.

So-this bizarre contradiction of these slavers can best be expressed in these two stories, where we see laws passed so that pedophiles cannot travel, contrasted with women, who willingly allow the medical community to devour a child through multiple unnecessary surgeries, and only THEN after the mother of that child had used it as a tool to get attention, and also derive a state check. Notice that all of this keeps the authorities very busy, and paid, no matter what.

So-beyond the obvious cultic numerology,  have a look at how the Jewish-christian shepherds literally use a child as a source of revenue in a diabolical scheme; and how they constantly utilize the imagery of child rapists at the  legislative levelto guide/misguide their sheeple as ca$h cows, and also, how they all claim “it’s for the children!” and on the other, they nearly eat them for profit, create actual disability, and destroy any sense of mrality, and all of THAT while masking this insanity in the mother’s “mental illness” (note the bonus 13). This is what is spoken of in actual anti-semitic literature as “ritual slaughter of children.”

It’s a big win for big pharma, the doctors, the family court lawyers, and the complicit social workers,  lawyers and judges who overlook all of this-and a huge win for the white progressive female, who has acted in this capacity in many centuries. The last century saw tem here, and here too, in these EXACT dichotomous, profiteering, and disingenuous exploitative roles:

Child Underwent 13 Surgeries. Cops Say They Weren’t Needed

By the time he was 7 years old, Christopher had been seen at Texas hospitals and pediatric centers 323 times and underwent 13 major surgeries, the Forth Worth Star-Telegram reports. He was put on full-time oxygen, confined to a wheelchair, fitted with a feeding tube, and entered into hospice care. Christopher’s mom, 34-year-old Kaylene Bowen, said he had a rare genetic disorder and cancer and needed a lung transplant. Now Bowen is in jail and doctors can’t find anything wrong with Christopher, according to NBC DFW. Bowen was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of injury to a child, and Christopher’s father, Ryan Crawford, says he believes Bowen has Munchausen syndrome by proxy, wherein a person seeks attention by faking medical conditions in others.

Now, take a look at how the banksters and the white knights from non-Jewish culture (aka the mercenary class) have elected white progressive females to do their bidding, and enact laws that have great crisis PR potential, and that drive moral panic’s-but do very very little to protect children. And, everything they “do” has the net effect of destroying families in a eugenic fashion. Here’s more about eugenics here.

This story comes to us from Australia, where we saw gang stalking victim Bijan Ebrahimi pedofied, murdered, and immolated by “neighbors” as the police, and the progressives, and the policies of crisis PR, which is headed by a white females and certain racist sects of Jews, and those who are in league with the worst forms of actual sex traffickers ever in the modern world, who seek to pass fake laws such as SESTA, while literally devouring children in medical kidapings, or in overlooking stories like the one above:

Popular vacation destinations like Thailand, Malaysia and Bali in Indonesia are relatively inexpensive for Australians to fly to, and often have far fewer protections for children. The law comes a little over a year after Robert Ellis, a 71-year-old Australian man, was given a 15-year sentence by the Indonesian authorities for crimes against children.

“For too long, these predators have traveled overseas undetected, including to countries where weaker laws mean they have opportunities to commit heinous crimes,” Ms. Bishop said.

At it’s core, we have tribes of barbarians who were so awed by “written” words that they couldn’t read that they nearly lockstepped behind each other to worship a roving tribe of desert slavers who had created those words for this exact purpose. Little did they know that these fill all of the top slots everywhere, by design of the Ambrahamic mercenary religions and their willing barbarian footsoldiers.

ANd eventually, every writer or other in alternative media must confront these diablolical people-whoever “they” are.

The original slander of Garrison forced him to speak his belief out loud, and it was awin for thoose who hid like cowards and tainted his work with their own. This is the reason the One Percent win, and why many compare themm to Satan, or otherwise become actually anti-semitic. It is also that they throw shit from both sides, and we are forced at the site of our skillset to pick a side. Then, they pinch us in the middle, and then sic their paid mercenaries on us when we dissent. And, it is they who finance organized gang stalking of targeted influencers.

You might have heard of this book of magic tricks before-it’s called “the Bible” and it’s parent books “the Torah,” but fewer have heard of the books that these slavers use one generation after the next to cause divide and conquer opportunities. Those books are called “Jewish law and custom,” which get translated as “Kabbalah,” which is the “hidden” teachings of power through numerology, trickery, and the causation of chaos.

So, I would like to point to one of my favorite tricks that gets used every hundred years or so in the west: the adulation of white, blonde females, who are trained to do the dirty work of slavery, after the male heads of households are entrapped, murdered, or otherwise disposed of in schemes that we see today, such as the DVIC, which genders violence as male, despite plentiful evidence otherwise; or the Prison Industrial Complex, which has merely replace the peonage systems of old.

Then, one may also note tat of those who write about these things, many of the best are themselves Jews, which I have covered elsewhere.


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