Auto-antonyms in the gang stalking dialectic: linguistic mechanism’s and double entendre’s [draft]

Peling back the semiotics of organized gang stalking reveals that it is not a simple dialectic that is easily dismissed as mental illness in any regard. ANd, like all or most of our current social diseases, it is a symptom of a larger and more specious disease: hidden forces at work to disrupt and deny Democratic due process.

So, we can look all over the diaectic and see state workers, union members, academics, and more using police power to “shape” and “form” a society that fits their version of what a society should be. And, like the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex itself, we see dual meanings in every initiative of these “movers and shapers” of our society. In soe dialogues online, you can even note that some of these refer to this as “shape shifting,” which I will not analyze here.

Instead, I would like to point out the linguistic traits within the dialectic as one full of auto-antonyms, by starting with the phrase “domestic violence” which is what the DVIC purports to eradicate. And, I would like to ask the reader “what is DV?” What is domestic violence? And the answer, we shall see, is not just the centerpiece of modern gang stalking, but in fact and practice, the phrase is auto-antonymal.


In English, “inflammable” means “combustible”, but can be taken to mean “non-flammable” by people who wrongly treat the “in-” as meaning “not”,[1] so English safety labels typically use “flammable”.

An auto-antonym or autantonym, also called a contronym or contranym,[2] is a word with multiple meanings (senses) of which one is the reverse of another. For example, the word cleave can mean “to cut apart” or “to bind together”. This phenomenon is called enantiosemy,[3][4]enantionymy or antilogy (enantio- means “opposite”). An enantiosemic term is necessarily polysemic.

For brevity, I will simply state that the DVIC has had the net effect of creating the prison industrial complex, waging an endless undeclared and pre-emptive war that benefits few at the expense of many; and eradicated due process, among other things. And, that this is the result of auto-antonyms that work “magic” on the sheeple. It is what our modern fascism IS.

Here are just a few ways that we can look at this grand scheme where all of us are deluded that terrorists are everywhere, that women need to be respected no matter what, and that we need to keep our blinders on at all times.

Let’s first look at how we were sold on the idea of the NSA trapping and tracing and injecting and redirecting and otherwise miscegenating our data in ways still as yet enumerated.

Then, we will look at the contrast between “feminism” of yeasteryear, and “feminism today in the form of the biggest threat to a Democratic internet in history: The SESTA bill and a bill that came before it which is a tactical assault on our democracy, wrapped like a euphemistically sugar coated turd:

S. 178 (114th): Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015

Then, let’s look at my thesis again:

When did THIS become this?




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