Terrorism No Brainer Quiz: How many terrorists and Mass Shooters have direct and regular involvement with Seekrit Agincies*?

Spain’s secret services had extensive contact with the most recent sooper seekrit terrorist mastermind.

ROGS Quiz time! How many mass shooters, terrorists, and random other crap that we see in the news every day have extensive and long term contact with sooper seekrit ajinsies?

Every single one of them.

Related Story: The Terrorists Want Your Rights-13 of 15 senators on the Intelligence Committee are actively spying on, and blackmailing their constituents

Because this is what many organized gang stalking aka counter-intelligence stalkings are, in practice. As we see time and again that deliberate and constant harassment/entrapment/containment/coerced and involuntary HUMINT schemes are connected to gray area policing and well known IC tactics and methods, we also see that they are tied to terrorism manufacturing industry as well.

Meet Abdelbaki Essati, inturnashunul badguy:

Hi, I am an inturnashunaul badguy. BOO! Do you like my inkredibly fuzzy picshur?  This is an IC trope that’s older than the Jackal. With modern fashul rekignishin an digital fotogrify Spain’s leaders invested in camera’s frum the 1970’s instead, cuz it keeps internashunul crisis PR factories and the Octopussycon fat and happy
Abdelbaki Essati

The disclosure of CNI’s links to Mr. Essati came amid a political crisis punctuated by an independence referendum in Catalonia, the dissolution of the region’s government by Madrid and the arrest of several of the separatist leaders.

An imam who masterminded the August terrorist attacks in Barcelona and a seaside resort that killed 16 people had provided information to the Spanish secret service while he was in prison in 2014, a secret service official said Friday.

The secret service contacted the imam, Abdelbaki Essati, while he was serving a sentence on narcotics charges, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a security matter.

The official said that the imam was not a formal informant, but instead one of the contacts that the secret service, the National Intelligence Center, or CNI, cultivated to learn more about radical Islamist groups operating in Spain.

He would not say what kind of information Mr. Essati provided, or whether Mr. Essati remained in contact with CNI after leaving prison in 2014.

Most of the victims of the attacks were tourists who were mowed down by a van while walking along Barcelona’s most famous promenade, Las Ramblas.

*All of them

In related news, James Comey is crapping his yoga pants because journalists use investigative journalism methods like contact chaining to see what our public officials are doing, and some citizens are wondering “who do “our guys” work for anyways?” every time a new deep state traitor dangles even MORE of your illegally obtained data out of the Pentagram’s windows, and Window’s 10.

Remind me again-who are the good guys?

Well- here’s one of them, in case anyone cares-Mike Masnick, from Techdirt.com, who gave us the Shirky-Masnick Bureaucracy Perpetuation Principle:

Defense Department Spied On Social Media, Left All Its Collected Data Exposed To Anyone

from the not-cool-guys dept

There are two big WTFs in this story. First, the Defense Departments Central Command (Centcom) was collecting tons of data on social media posts… and then the bigger one, they somehow left all the data they collected open on an Amazon AWS server. This was discovered — as so many examples of careless data exposure on Amazon servers — by Chris Vickery and UpGuard, who have their own post about the mess. You may recall Vickery from such previous stories as when the GOP left personal data on 200 million voters on an open Amazon server. Or when Verizon left private data available on millions of customers. Or when a terrorist watch list was left (you guessed it) on an open server. Or when he discovered that Hollywood studios were leaving their own screeners available on an open server. In short, this is what Vickery seems particularly good at: finding large organizations leaving sensitive data exposed on a server.

You would think (wouldn’t you?) that Centcom would be better about these things than, say, Verizon or the GOP or Hollywood. But, nope.

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