Yeah- silence THIS: how internet forum boards are attacked by gang stalking denialists.

There is little irony in the fact that, like the Harvey Weinstein case, wealthy, white, attractive, and powerful women are the ones who take up the dialectic-and drown out other social issues. And we see concerted efforts to destroy what little dialectic space is left, because the DVIC is always under threat-always targeted! In a “war on cops!” and a “war on women,” and so on.

What there really is, in the post Big Brther era is the Big SESTA era, and a “war on dialectic space…”

Here is one more way that researchers of organized gang stalking can find proof: silencing via the “down votes” of Reddit posts that discuss it (and remember that Reddit was taken over by female narrative a few years back, and al those naughty 35 year old men who posted as teenage boys were chased off of it, cuz, Jailbait!!!)

The reader will recall that in the run-up to the last election, entire conversations were disrupted and destroyed, journalists and activists were framed with porn, and many shades of blackmail and DOX’s happened to selected targets.

Then, the reader will recall that the psychologists were at war with “conspiracy theories on the internet” (search my blog here for Dr. Mike Wood, and Dr.’s Lorraine Sheridan and David V. James, as well as “CIA Torture doctors”). And then, the election came and went, and then, one actual conspiracy after another rolled ou, ranging from “it was the Russians!” to “Hillaries emails-Julianne Assange is a Satanisss!” and many more.

Well, sort of like the way I find stories that are outside the mainstream, or find lost boys who are likely homicide victims, I conduct autopsies on dialectics-it’s what I do. I can’t help myself.

And so,  in the post-mortem state of the election cycle, I looked back for causes of these diseases in our Democratic engagement. part of that “war” was a literal attack on speech itself, and some posed the questions “is the internet a right? A human right? Is speech on the internet protected? And so on. These are what Fabian Socialists do.

And here is a piece of the cancer I have lifted from Reddit-proof of organized gang stalking on the internet that targets the dialectic itself, the evidence that is contained in that dialectic, and well-oiled hucksters casting doubt on the semiotics of the dialectical signs that OGS is real. But these are not the brightest rotten red apples in the barrel-no, these indeed are not.

Because like we see with apophanie and epiphany, dialectic space has both present and absent symbolic meanings, and visible and invisible presence that leaves signs. And the best sign that a cause, or a politic, or an idea or even a meme has meaning is that some will seek to stamp it out-much as ancient conquerors lopped the heads off of Marble Heavy Bags of Gods; or the French shot the nose off the Sphinx, we see blog comment forums that reveal police involvement being scrubbed from the web; we see the hidden pedophile cultists of the USAF drowning victims in mind control; and we see globalists and feminists sniping at individuals who post about gang stalking.

Here- have a look at Reddit, just over a year before the election, where an enterprising theorist asked:


So the deliberate attack on an idea nearly validates it as a threat somehow. But to who? And in  dialectical space, we can easily answer that according to the politics of those framed and harassed, cursed and hunted by the DHS and its many hidden plots; and by the FBI’s own “disrupted individuals” who were used in classic Manchurian Cadidate fashion ( I wonder how Ol’ Blue Eyes would feel about that. Frank Sinatra believed the movie Manchurian Candidate” was the most harmful film of all time. But only because he didn’t live long enough to see “White Girls” with the Wayan’s brothers, or ANYTHING by Adam Sandler...)

And now, post election, we see the bile and bitterness of those who lost their edges and fringes to Bernie; and who rant on like madmen and wimmin’ about how “America isn’t America anymore!” now that the Red Star hasn’t replaced the eagle; and now that the flag is still Red, White and Blue, instead of Black and Blue.

And all of THAT, so that the banksters and their handmaidens in high heels don’t steal and rape and harm and database, and incarcerate “the children” of the future. There has got to be a better way than spewing dichotomous buberis’ms and bullets in the backs of activists.

Like I said- I was an early casualty of the DVIC era, and I failed a LOT to speak up; And I failed to even  know what to say if I did-but now I know what to say, and certainly the hacks and other crap that has happened since I began ROGS; and in other actions since I began to write just over two years ago-all of that  so that i can tel you-with scientific certainty-that organized gang stalking is real, and the psychologists, cops, and others who say it isn’t? Yup. Snout deep in it.

And, here is more proof that silencing is the tool and weapon of choice: SESTA and Twitter, and social media monitoring that drives phony narratives, and leaves the same ACTUAL secret society people in control. And they actually get pad for this sh!t in DVIC dollar bills y’all

Here- have a look at how one mothers joke on Twitter-in a conservative area of the country, got here monitored fro a Fusion Center, and then, framed as a potential pedophile and child slaver(let me know if you start seeing patterns….(search this blog for criticism of the DVIC industries and the word “trough” or “make work project”)

Ladies and gentlemen-

I will now produce the seeds of a Mayer Lansky Republic, starring cuckolded young ambiguously Asian men! Actual witches with gray hair and warts! And: bevvies of young beauties yet to be fully “saved from sin” or capitalized by the porn industry!

And all of this,  backed by SWAT teams who kick in your door over a sentence on Twitter, or something they saw on their Fusion Center Wall of Mirrors! With lurid links to the United Nations Transatlantic Organized Crime initiatives like ‘the war against Enjo Kosai, and all of this, pissed upon an unwitting audience by firehoses of fun!!!!’!:

And NOW-for your entertainment…

From Mike Masnik’s, who invented the term “the Streisand Effect,” and for who the Shirky-Masnik Bureaucracy Perpetuation Principle of Bloat


Mothers indicted as potential child traffickers, by people who peek into their internet connections, and slobber on the Window’s10 ledges!

A Joke Tweet Leads To ‘Child Trafficking’ Investigation, Providing More Evidence Of Why SESTA Would Be Abused

from the we-wish-we-were-kidding dept

Think we’re unduly worried about how “trafficking” charges will get used to punish legitimate online speech? We’re not.

A few weeks ago a Mississippi mom posted an obviously joking tweet offering to sell her three-year old for $12.

I tweeted a funny conversation I had with him about using the potty, followed by an equally-as-funny offer to my followers: 3-year-old for sale. $12 or best offer.

The next thing she knew, Mississippi authorities decided to investigate her for child trafficking.

The saga began when a caseworker and supervisor from Child Protection Services dropped by my office with a Lafayette County sheriff’s deputy. You know, a typical Monday afternoon.

They told me an anonymous male tipster called Mississippi’s child abuse hotline days earlier to report me for attempting to sell my 3-year-old son, citing a history of mental illness that probably drove me to do it.

Beyond notifying me of the charges, they said I’d have to take my son out of school so they could see him and talk to him that day, presumably protocol to ensure children aren’t in immediate danger. So I went to his preschool, pulled my son out of a deep sleep during naptime, and did everything in my power not to cry in front of him on the drive back to my office.

All of this for a joke tweet.

This story is bad enough on its own. As it stands now, actions by the Mississippi authorities will chill other Mississippi parents from blowing off steam with facetious remarks on social media. But at least the chilling harm is contained within Mississippi’s borders. If SESTA passes, that chill will spread throughout the country.

If SESTA were on the books, the Mississippi authorities would not have had to stop with the mom. Its next stop could be Twitter itself.

…follow the link to read more!

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