“The gang stalkers will tell your neighbors….”: how to spot when you are being blackmailed

The gang stalkers will tell your neighbors that: Israel 1948

As we see unfolding every day, the Democratic party, and it’s dirty alliance with the deep state has no boundaries. The same party that made it’s fame by crying wolf about rape also promoted rapists through the ranks, and took millions from them, as we see with Harvey Weinstein, until their cause was lost in the last election. And now, all of the Democrat voting ranks of Hollywood’s negotiable women want to speak up. Apparently, the truth is like a slide ruler-we tell it when it’s financially or politically profitable, otherwise, we stay on the regular time clock.

What kind of insanity is that? I personally want to hear the men’s side of the story, no matter what kind of pigs they are-but the problem is this: the fakerape and other slanders is one of the hardest, most embarrassing things one could ever defend against.

on the cock.jpg
Defamation and slander is what most community policing is-they are trying to force you into false charges/gray area policing, and then, create total bullshit records full of, well, total bullshit, and then, through official source slander, you are forced to make “private facts” public-because this steals tons of time from you and makes certain people rich. Classic blackmail techniques “I have a photo of you picking your nose, and wiping it on the armchair!….you wouldn’t want your wife to see that would you??” Without irony, this model of policing descends from tactics long used by certain and specific tribal and religious groups and gangsters like Mayer Lansky. So when they “joke” online that they are “the mafia” keep in mind that the community policing model is this EXACT model that actual gangsters from secular culture use/d to control orthodox communities (ted Cruz, mebbeee….). And without irony, it is one way that these same unorthodox bullies and scum historically harassed orthodox Jews just before Hitler rounded them up.

AND it has now been institutionalized, defamation and slander have nearly replaced law because men don’t know how to fight back, using peaceful means. It is just that hard to dispute allegations made in backroom deals, gray area he said/she said policing that cast a defamational shroud on men, and then, Mockingbird media working with the multi-billion dollar crisis PR industry which hides a religious bias in its “butterfly folds” and layers of Monarch style programming.

But once upon a time, American’s had access to courts-that cases were brought by cops against men or women charged with crimes; but soon, the courts realized how full and busy they would be if they allowed access to justice for all-so they did what politicians do: they allowed for kangaroo courts and public opinion to preclude access; and they allowed for cops to become de facto high heeled politicians on the ground, mediating society by a narrative that was profitable-to them, but not to society at large, which was a big problem for “we the people”. And, it was abig problem for “justice” too, as this bloated behemoth defied logic and facts to create itself as a huge monster, as Martin Fiebert documented in the cases of comparative studies of women’s violence.

And when I mean “at large” or “huge and bloated” I mean “Dworkinesque” And that is when the real exploitation began….

Even as recently as two years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine a state of affairs where blackmail via un-warranted access to databases was even possible, becuase we trust those who are entrusted to protect our data. But what about when it’s the “god guys and gals” doing it? Well, that’s when it’s game over for Democracy-that there is no safe space for laws and due process-and the Exodus begins. Which, not surprisingly, is the way that European Jews cleared out native middle eastern Jews and Arabs in Palestine in 1948-by slander, defamation, and whisper campaigns.

But let me explain first:

But far more insidious is that now, we have to deal with religion, infecting all aspects of government and law-we are forced by this form of criminal zionism thathas purchased our police cheaper than yesterday’s bagels, and it’s dominionist servants to voice our agreement or disagreement with a religious zealotry that has been cast upon us, without our consent, and that, via the back-door mechanism thta was built into the NSA-Israel data theft pipeline where American’s data was exfiltrated across the sea, and then, used in ways that our own government could claim plausible deniability.

Except-now the cat is out of the bag. We KNOW how these privacy rapists use data; and we know that police departments go on paid junkets to sectarian religious theocracies, where basic human rights are denied of some, for the pleasure and profit of others. Privacy rapists are worse than actual rapists because these rape you for decades-and whip out dossiere’s when it’s politically convenient. Suuuure-we don’t want to stereotype, right? But who CAN’T imagine the greasy bearded blackmailer that Smoloko is famous for drawing? (Google Smoloko- I won’t link to his/her work, because they then exploit the anti-semitism narrative across the web).

So, genernerations are owned at the internet switch, and privacy rape ocurs because people simply do not know these people have this power. And, they use it with total immunity and impunity.

Or-can they? You see, no one has yet been able to get a case before the Supreme Court to even gain standing. And, if the linkage betwen so-called mass shooters, active shooters, and the defamation campaigns that claim a link between domestic violence and their actions are any example, well, legal standing is an uphill battle.

SO-individuals alone cannot do it, but a class action lawsuit might-but how to prove the linkage? You start by documenting YOUR OWN CASE, and go from there to find others.

And, here is a starting point that may open a door or two to databases in places you didn’t think of, starting with ethnic cleansing in Palestine, in 1948, aka “Transfer Zionism” and the racist, ethnic cleansing tactics of “The Master Plan”-like all “revolutions” or bloody land grabs, it started “with a whisper”

The history of the whisper campaign as a tool of social engineering during the Palestinian Exodus, 1948

Efraim Karsh, and criticism of the Master Plan of Transfer Zionism

How Donald Trump deals with the nasty racist zionist smears and whisper campaigns via the use the anti-semitic card, and how to deal with the “dual citizenship” that some have but others don’t-it’s simply “dual privilege,”and that, backed by ethnic cleansing.
How racist zionists(sort of an oxymoron) stir up racism, and white supremacy by false equivocation and slanderous comparison’s
How Obama fought a nasty whisper campaign

Now, we can take a look at the current whisper campaign-and how some have weaponized it (the lie travels the world before the truth gets its pants on-but liars claim more victims by far), but also, how it is related to the DVIC and gray area policing.

So- the weaponized whisper is, like, a thing. And, when we see how closely local police departments-and especially police departments in major urban areas or progressive state-we see that the exact wedge that was driven in pre-Soviet Russia; and the exact methods and tactics of organized gang stalking-have been deployed here, now.

In it’s purest form, we see the current politic of non-Jewish white women being called to report the men that have abused them (for millions in monetary compensation) and the narratives of lurid headlines like those we see with Stephen Paddock being linked to domestic violence-even though the BEST link they have is to a hooker ( I am considering issuing a hooker disclaimer, that I have NOTHING against hookers at all, and encourage those who chose it to continue unfettered), because his girlfriend claims he was kind and took care of her (and never mind the ancient sex-biased trope there, as we see that “good men” pay for women-dual citizenship means little to the average person; but double standards cut both ways).

So- even the slightest survey of history will reveal that white slavery and prostitution is another of those narratives where some exploit others on both sides of the dialectic, while sending the money to the same bank-in this case, Israel, 1948 IS Russia in 1916, and Germany in 1932, and here, now, via today’s whisper campaign.

Related Reading: White Slavery isn’t what you think it is (because white men, black men, Asian men, and may others are the primary victims of this exploitative narrative; and few white women ever see a day in jail)


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