Gang Stalking, Scientology and Fair Gaming Harassment

Beyond being a “delusional complaint” organized gang stalking is a very well documented set of behaviors, tactics, and methods of cults, religious sects, and intelligence agents and agencies to wreak havoc on individuals. But gang stalking is very real, and the term itself is the appropriate term for it, because it has currency in the common vernacular, regardless of which cult is doing it. Because the tactics and methods of OGS are very well described by many clear-headed people-but it is ASO described in nearly every intelligence/counter-intelligence manual ever written.

What is lacking is agreement on how to fight back, how to document it, and how to create a lawsuit to combat organized gang stalking that has become a de facto tool of domestic policing-and because police and other’s are directly, and clearly-and indisputably implicated and involved in it on many levels, which is why it hasn’t yet been validated as a “common” practice (for instance, the FBI lumps all gang stalking into the category of “group stalking” and so on, rather than acknowledge the facts I put forth herein.)

Recently, in May of 2010 I finally found a search term that applies to me highly, the term ‘gang stalking’ — try Googling that term. Although now I see references to that term back as far as 1996. Some web sites which discuss ‘gang stalking’ have been defaced or flooded with nuts information, but most appear to me, to be legitimate based on my experience from the ‘receiving’ end of the stick, and you have to overlook the bogus sites.

Once again I should have been searching for the term ‘gang stalking’. Because this term applies directly to what’s happening to me, and I think a number of other ex scientologists — and many other people, worldwide, even in communist countries.

It is easiest to document it’s link with “organized religion” where peole leverage each others loyalty and fealty via superstition and mystical belief in “the devil.” As I document over and over on the ROGS blog, Catholics, Jews, and some Jewish sects practice it by default as a form of “crowd control,” to reinforce their fairy tales, mythologies and other ahistorical and counter-scientific “beliefs.”

The most famous collusion of recent history between cults and religious sects were the Lesbian Feminist Sex Wars working with the ultra-conservatives to form a narrative in the “Satanic Panic” era of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Related Stories:We Believe the Children“- a book about how the lesbian/Feminist Sex Wars/Porn Wars wedded ultra conservatives, the religious, and clinically sociopathic lesbians and “feminists” like the FBI’s go to story teller and child bully, Kee MacFarlane,in the odd  marriage that I call the DVIC.

Silencing as a tool of religious nutcases and zealots: The Electronic Frontier Foundation documents ow the SESTA is really conservative Catholics and Jews trying to re-gain control over our secular society after rational people discovered that religion is the cause of ALL social ills.

Then, in the Satanic Panic morality campaigns of that era, we saw a systemic and pervasive political entity from across a “diverse” group of feminist cultists and religious sectarians that worked together in 1) an organized fashion, 2) told similar tall tales, about invented boogiemen 3) worked in hidden capacities to obfuscate the view of the public at large 5) used mind control in the form of suggestion 6) relied upon “authorities” who were themselves cultists and sectarians, and 7) united in suspended reality to agree that “faith based” approaches and explanations were more valid than “fact based” approaches to “reality.”

So, as we see today where main stream media won’t publish a picture of a soldiers casket, or publish critiques of AIPAC, Isaeli Zionism, or even think about writing a story about Mormons, or Catholic’s and other cultists who are hidden away in the FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA (well, maybe NOT in the CIA, lol) practicing religion and targeting individuals for personalized destruction, because they all agree to Gods/G-ds/Gaia’s golden rule:Thou shalt not talk about politics or religion*,” even though these cultists slip both into every single interaction at the internet switch; and via the language of PRISM and the algorithms of Palantir, Media Sonar, and all of the other narrative control tools of the “deep state.”

Instead, they all yammer on about ISIS, which Efraim HaLevy noted in 2002 or there about in Belgium, just as the Iraq invasion was brewing.

But perhaps the easiest space cult to pick on, and single out among the narratives of gang stalking and coded speech is that of the internet famous ex-Scientlogists, if only because they are so easy to pick on. And, they are easy to pick on because, unllike Catholic’s and Jews and other Babylonian mystery cults, they haven’t had a few thousand years to get off the ground, and really blast off into loonie land like these other well established “sets of delusional beliefs that are widely held by others in their community.”


Here is one forum, where this is covered (((and I note with trepidation that I am writing this from within a thetans fart away from one of the most famous Scientologist Temple’s in America; and I am secretly in fear that John Travolta might be sending minions my way to ask me for a massage))). But even a causal reader here at ROGS will note that those who would do me in, lock me up for “words on the internet,” or station ADL trained Soldiers of Zion three apartments away from mine are NOT the Scientologists, because the Sci-guys, for the most part, just stalk their own:

Gang Stalking — Fair Gaming — Freemason Silent Dagger — Harassment — Gaslighting

By: CornPie

Gang Stalking is nearly identical to scientology’s Fair Gaming, and the Freemason’s Silent Daggar — beginning with discrediting the target. To see what I mean, Google the term ‘Gang Stalking’ — or ‘Freemason Silent Dagger’ — it looks like the practice is far more widespread. Countless gangs of people worldwide, known as Gang Stalkers are available to scientology. It is huge, and it’s happening daily, in your neighborhood, right under your nose.

I have seen many fruitless forum discussions about scientology’s Fair Game, which always end up the same. Such as; there aren’t enough OSA agents — OSA is toothless these days — you couldn’t hire enough private investigators (PI’s) to do the job.

Yet it is very rare to see the term ‘Gang Stalking’ referenced on scientology space cult blogs.

The best site I know of is: — here’s an excerpt…

Gang Stalking … seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life … the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities … Everyone in the targets life is contacted … Advised not to discuss the notification and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic harassment) process … harassed and placed under surveillance in this way for months or even years before they realize that they are being targeted by an organized protocol of harassment. [stalkers are] only to be seen in twos — we often do not have the same proof — Watching and recording the everyday activities…

See also:


  • God’s OLDEN TYMES Golden Rule was “Do Unto Others,” but that went out the window sometime just after the birth of Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays from the Anus of Hades, which curiously sits at the diatomic, and exact opposite side of the Panopticon.

2 thoughts on “Gang Stalking, Scientology and Fair Gaming Harassment

  1. great post, my friend. been through it myself and just know that they always target the kindest, most open minded and smart people. hope things are going okay for you atm. take care of yourself


    1. Hi,Joe.

      I am glad to hear that you have gained insight.

      Yes, gang stalking is an amazingly devastating form of institutional corruption, and police, intellugence community, and community groups all participate in organized gang stalking.

      I would like to hear more about your case,if you wish to discuss it.

      The internet needs more resources in the form of bonafide testimonials.

      And the FBI/DHS/etalphabet that instigate OGS shoulbeheld to account. Its stunning what has become of America, and the west in general-democracy killed by police corruption.


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