The Boys and Girls Clubs of America and organized gang stalking recruitment: the Guardian UK documents a “gang” stalking of five men and B&Y clubs in North Chicago, IL

Boys and Girls Clubs of America and organized gang stalking and gang stalking recruits Homan Square, Chicago

When the group of armed masked men burst into the Paseo Boricua Grocery & Deli in Chicago, John Vergara initially thought he had walked into a stickup.

But Vergara was wrong- he was actually being kidnapped at machine gun point by Chicago police as part of a plot to gain access and control of children via “community policing,” and police control of the B&G club in that area, and hence-in the Hegelian dialectic, the future.

Boys and Girls clubs of America are police-gang stalking centers, and it is here where the fathers of children are destroyed so that “gangs” of “stalkers” can kidnap and indoctrinate children. It is also a likely front for the beginning of the “pimping” of “the future of the children,” and an organization point where gang stalker’s plot the destruction of families.

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Last year, there was a brief break in the culture war where many agreed that black site torture chambers were probably not a good example for civilized democracies to follow; and that community policing had probably gone overboard in “a few” cases as in “Sure, we tortured some folks.

But the reality is that torture has taken on new forms, and in fact, has become institutionalized in policing. Everyone who experiences community policing and it’s hidden illegality will know that what I write about, and what the Guardian and other MSM document in the following is true to the letter.

Here, from The Guardian UK, is a story about Chicago cops LITERALLY f@cking kidnapping teachers, artists, and fathers, with the net outcome being that those men quit volunteering in the B&G clubs of America. There are many ways to wage a domestic war, but kidnapping fathers, or otherwise “framing them” as criminals and potential criminals is the primary method used by all police states throughout history:

When the group of armed masked men burst into the Paseo Boricua Grocery & Deli in Chicago, John Vergara initially thought he had walked into a stickup. Their guns were drawn, and they told everyone that afternoon to put their hands on the counter.

Vergara, an art teacher who had stopped in for a coffee, remembered: “At first I thought it was a robbery. I didn’t know it was the police until the sergeant walked in.”

Tell us: have you been held by police when nobody knew where you were?
Chicago’s Homan Square facility has been likened by arrestees and their attorneys to a domestic ‘black site’. Have you ever been detained at a similar place without your rights?
Read more

The cops had “machine guns – I mean, I’m talking about rifles,” recalled Jose Garcia, then a cook there. “They all had masks, all of them. They looked like Isis – put it that way.”

Vergara, now 42, didn’t expect to see it firsthand. He had just started a job teaching art at a nearby Boys & Girls Club, and stopped in at Paseo Boricua for a caffeine boost. As fate would have it, the police were also interested in the shop’s manager, Eddie Calderon – not that anyone there knew why.

Garcia, now 45, was one of Calderon’s cooks, and had a hard time believing his employer was involved in anything illegal.

vVergara ultimately quit his job at the Boys & Girls Club a few weeks later. It felt awkward, he said, after one of his students and another employee had seen police marching them out the back of the deli. Vergara didn’t want to tempt fate – or any police who might grow concerned he hadn’t kept his bargain.

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