Organized gang stalking and pedophiles and sexual morality campaigns

Gang stalking and pedophiles and sex crime’s units

One of the odd paradoxes of our times is that of sexual morality campaigns, wage the outright deception and social deviance of those who wage them. As we see, the stigmatizing label of “pedophile” is one of the main features of OGS complaints.

Mental health professionals, social workers, psychiatrists and criminal defense lawyers will note that police investigations by their nature are invasive and often, the investigators must reveal certain information to people who are being interviewed as witnesses, or as potential witnesses to alleged crimes.

And, the researcher of organized gang stalking will find that in nearly every single blog and accessory media that discusses OGS, the phrase “the gang stalkers will tell your neighbors you are a drug dealer, a prostitute, a pedophile,” etc.

And while nearly all claims of gang stalking reference, or involve these exact claims, there is one marked difference: the claimants note that these allegations go far beyond ‘investigatory’ and are in fact and practice, defamatory.  And likely, ritual defamation, considering how involved the ADL is with modern policing and Israelification.

It is from this that the larger body of TI claims draw their validity-that the targets often report that they have been slandered, and that whisper campaigns are waged behind their backs.

Worse, these whisper campaigns are designed to destroy individuals that LEO’s cannot prosecute due to lack of evidence, or cannot prosecute because the information they are investigating is the product of the vast illegal warrantless surveillance that all Americans are subjected to.

In fact, it was found that the FBI flagrantly violated the constitutional protections of due process some 40,000 times between 9/11, 2001 and 2011 alone.

• Evidence of delays of 2.5 years, on average, between the occurrence of a violation and its eventual reporting to the Intelligence Oversight Board

• Reports of serious misconduct by FBI agents including lying in declarations to courts, using improper evidence to obtain grand jury subpoenas, and accessing password-protected files without a warrant

This practice of defamation is beyond due process, and against equal protection under the law, or even the presumption of innocence. And that is by design, as OGS is a form of ritual defamation, practiced by nearly all LEO’s across the country, and those, affiliated with secret societies, masonic orders, and occult practice by definition of the occult, and, unsurprisingly, a large number of pedophiles work in policing and work with related “social service” industries.

Worse, as pertains to the smears that affect a persons sexuality and can drive some to the point of madness (Omar Mateen, the Florida night club shooter was widely believed to have been smeared as a homosexual-and, the FBI was in contact with him multiple times over a three year period) allows many sworn LEO’s and other social gatekeepers are themselves pedophiles and predators-child abusers and pimps:

Thursday, Jul 10, 2014 01:42 AM UTC
Virginia police have a warrant to take photos of a teenage boy’s erect penis
“We just take him down to the hospital, give him a shot and then take the pictures that we need,” an official said.

Law enforcement officials in Manassas, Va. have come up with a truly creative way to combat the dissemination of child pornography: create more child pornography for comparison! Their first subject could be 17-year-old Manassas

City resident Trey Simms, who faces two felony charges for allegedly sexting his 15-year-old girlfriend.

Prosecutors intend to prove Simms’s guilt by forcing him to provide police with photos of his erect penis, for which a judge actually granted a search warrant (!).

The only problem there is this little detail: the sex crimes officer in charge of this case was himself a pervert and a pedophile, who later killed himself when he was discovered:

A Virginia police officer whose job was to investigate online sex crimes against children committed suicide Tuesday

– moments before he was to be arrested for online sex crimes against children.

Manassas police officer David Edward Abbott, Jr. was the same cop who made  headlines last year when he tried to take photos of a 17-year-old boy’s erect penis for what he claimed was investigative purposes.

A year before that, he won an award for “integrity in investigative work.”

The detective was about to be arrested for having inappropriate relations with two boys, ages 11 and 13, when he killed himself.

And cops who are rapists, pedophiles, child pornographers and more are far more common than you might think-between 2009-and they get sentenced far more leniently than any other pedophile.

Related Story: Florida cop/Cub scout leader busted after years of raping a little boy for years.

And: Some say that police badges actually incorporate the universal symbol of pedophilia and specifically those that advocate for “boy-rape” into their designs:

Police Badges: note the strange triangles

Police badges KLECK - 03_03_17 - B1

FBI bulletin warning about pedophiles

KLECK - 03_03_17 - B4


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