Organized gang stalking and surveillance role players and blog forum comments.

The internet has enabled the potential for democracy like never before in history. It has also enabled massive repression, and hidden surveillance operations as well as what could be called “mind control” and influence operations.

This is all possible because entire military battalions work side by side with the CIA, intelligence agencies, and domestic law enforcement agents and agencies to suppress free speech, or control the narrative entirely, funded by massive budgets.

The blog comment forum has long been subverted by hidden agents and agencies, and many if not most trolls are working for war lobbyists, think tanks, NGO’s and more to drown genuine dissent, and to infiltrate all levels of dialogue in full spectrum dominance of any narrative that challenges their special interests.

Here, below, is a comment I received from someone who claims they are a targeted individual, and whose ‘crime’ was that they “pissed of the son of a four star general.” This person, Almost Dead, made that remark after I left a comment at another blog, written by Dr. Michael Wood.

Because most gang stalking related comments use pseudonyms, I have found that it is not wirth getting involved too deeply in any one narrative, unless the person uses their real name, and cites examples that make some kind of sense, i.e. ” I am targeted because I was an informant for MI5,” or something credible that establishes a baseline reality-otherwise, you are swept into plainly abusive and harmful dialogues with complete strangers, many of them bizarre sadists, or other unstable types.

This person also claims other things, but trying to get to the bottom of any online narrative is a deep rabbit hole.Most interesting is that of the posts that are getting attention on my 1.5 week old blog about OGS, these indicate that there is a ‘special interest’ reading what I write, and I won’t disclose that quite yet.

So, I post this comment below from someone who has made three comments directed at me- I inure you to explore this comment below in any way you wish as a researcher of organized gang staking. And, as a researcher, a psychologist, a linguist, or whatever discipline you practice, note also that that the comment is front-loaded with words, phrases and concepts inferring threats of violence, real or imaginary, starting with the nym’ of the poster; and that taken as a whole, is ominous, and threatening, but also imagine reading dozens of such comments over a period of time? The net effect becomes like a neuro-linguistic programming session filled with life threats and other negativity:

Comment from “Almost Dead” at Dr. Mike Wood’s Conspiracy Theory Psychology blog:

Almost Dead

Yeah, it still doesn’t compare, to, say, a black ops guy huddled in a military jacket outside of your door in the morning, who doesn’t respond when you question him. It doesn’t compare to someone setting off your fire alarm just as you’re falling asleep for three days in a row. It doesn’t compare to,… well, a lot of things. They’ll do street theatre and have someone who is pretending to be crazy physically assault you. They’ll drug your food with shit that slowly kills you. They’ll interrupt any connection you’re forming with anyone with noise disturbances. You can always turn your computer off. You can always live without it. There are alot of things you can live with. You can’t survive while being poisoned though. You’ll slowly start to die. You can’t succeed while being chemically castrated, arbitrarily and randomly. The internet is effective at limiting your opportunities, believe me. When your email address is hijacked and they can pick and choose which jobs you can have so they can organize workplace mobbing. However, you don’t need the internet, and you don’t need your phone. Particularly after they’ve reduced you to nothing anyway. When they poison you though with shit that gives you inflammation of the kidneys, turns your skin red and makes your hair fall out, they’re straight-up killing you. You can endure any amount of psychological torture if you’re strong enough. They’ll seduce any woman you start a relationship with…. I mean they’ll do fucking anything. Any way they can attack you. The only attack you can’t withstand is chemical, and at some point, if nothing else is working, they’ll start in on that and kill you slowly. They operate in a network where everyone lies to everyone and everything, if there is any documentation at all on it, is classified. So they don’t actually have any rules. If they can’t achieve their objective without the use of chemical warfare, they will use chemical warfare. So to be perfectly frank, I’m not the least bit sympathetic as far as your web search results go. Or how long it takes your posts to be published. They use a combination of agents-in-training and networks of people who are just above retarded to do anything they want to you. The agents are never people who are actually grounded intellectually, and the imbeciles simply can’t be rational, they’re not that smart. The combination means no rules. If they’re using five gang stalking organizations to attack you, or even three along with two or three groups of citizen volunteers, no one knows exactly whats going on. Even to the fucking gangstalkers themselves you appear to be overreacting.
After notes: I am updating this post to note that the above scenario contains specific, personalized data and details and “clues” that I will not disclose at this time, for legal reasons.
And- I note that Dr. Wood has responded to this poster as if they are an actual mentally ill person, as opposed to what I maintain-that they are part of a world-wide, and highly personalized intelligence operation, and propaganda related to counter-intelligence stalking (which is what most OGS is.)
However, at the time of the posting above, many specific things will bear my thesis to fruition, not least of which are that posters mention of Washington state, Utah, and then, the phrase “even the gang stalkers” and more is evidentiary, and related to other facts and claims that  make throughout ROGS.
Lastly, the pseudonym “Almost Dead” and “gang stalking” appears nowhere on the internet BEFORE that series of posts but the phrase does-and so I note the nym and the phrase are not related.
And Dr. Wood himself-and his web server-can easily document these facts and the IP’s related to my claim. Certainly, Dr. Wood has encountered interesting scenarios since these postings-and his blog is surprisingly silenced since this discussion took place there as well-go over there and note the dramatic drop in postings, but also the general dialogues that have taken place since that one post.
Then, there are the linguistic traits, and semiotic meanings within the posters psychological profile that indicate many other things, which any researcher can cross-check and validate across the online dialectic.
Update 01/06/1018:
I am updating this post for this specific reason: I made several predictions above, and a specific a prediction that linguistics can help solve the language puzzles of “who are gang stalkers.” In this case, you will note that the phrase not “even the gang stalkers” is highlighted above, and also, time-stamped at the time I wrote it in my WOrdpress blog here.
I did this for a very specific reason. I ask you the reader now to use the search engine and search that exact phrase, and see how specific it is to another writer who claims to work from the Las Vegas/Clark County “public library” aka “Fusion Center/LEO affiliated organization/institution.
I also ask any law enforcement personnel reading in to ROGS right now to do this search immediately, because you will find an actual gang stalker in action.The phrase “”even the gang stalkers””uses colloquial syntax in a specific mid-western American way-specific to the more rural regions of the American South, and the midwest-and specifically is a hybrid language structure that you can find anywhere rural/southern descended persons mix with more cosmopolitan society (you can research the etymology of the phrase yourself).
Then, I ask you to note that ROGS has specifically  implicated a four stripe lieutenant, whose name is exactly the same as a four star Canadian General in this blog here.
Lastly, that you find and investigate or open a prosecution that person, known variously as “Gladys” and several other nyms. As the reader will note, many “gang stalkers” say frequently that their goal is to stalk people until their victims are “institutionalized, incarcerated, or commit suicide.”
This is the nature of this sort of harassment-the gang stalker/s in this case are able to find my writing online, and specifically target me, personally, across the web, despite all attempts at anonymization.
So-here is two variants of the phrase, as of today’s date, as they appear in Google-this phrase is SO SPECIFIC that Google has only four results for “even the gang stalkers”, and two of them are  here at ROGS as I outline my case against people who I have named elsewhere.
Here are’s results as of today, 01/06/2018 and I note that because keeps copies of changes and “drafts” of blog posts, it will be noteworthy tat my claim is “evidentiary” in that it fulfills most states/federal definitions of admissible evidence. Then, it is noteworthy that Google also provides back-up E-discovery materials that can and will validate my result:
 even the gang stalkers    Google Search.png

4 results (0.43 seconds)
Here are’s results-and note that I have previously indicted or made claims about the speaker in other writing:
 even the gang stalkers  at DuckDuckGo.png
As a final note, I would like to bring attention to this academic paper called “General Information On Gang Stalking, whereby a poster going by the nym “protectlifenow” appears in the Google results, and has also provided this paper calling upon law enforcement to note that “The Community and Criminal Administration Segments” are integral in this problem.
From that paper:

Currently, the Community and Criminal Administration segmentsare the most detrimental to society.

The focus will be on the community and criminal administration segments because these seem to coincide often and are the most detrimental tosociety at this point in time. The segments are not distinct and often overlap. The community usually supplies the workforce for the campaign by using influential locals to recruit, follow, harass and spread misinformation about TIs. The recruits report to their “handlers” who in turn report to their own “handler”. The street team may not know the person or people in charge of the operation. Information is usually released on a need-to-know basis and in some cases stalkers are unknown or appear unknown to each other.
Currently, the Community and Criminal Administration segments are the most detrimental to society. Segments often overlap with the community supplying the workforce for the campaign





6 thoughts on “Organized gang stalking and surveillance role players and blog forum comments.

  1. Yes. I can totally relate to the gang stalking scenario. It is becoming common-place one day half of the world will be stalking and surveilling the other half if we don’t be careful with this evil progression by the FBI, and military- based cults. They think that they have superior technology no one knows about makes them superior and better than us “dispensables”. My advice for anyone: low levels of tolerance for there activities and foundation, whilst remaining to have a high amount of respect and accountability for life itself. Trust me these assholes will have eliminated half of the world as we know it without so much as a shrug as long as the deepest pockets are filled by raping the Earth itself of its natural resources. People who believe this is happening are actually the sane ones….Because they(FBI & CIA) are the deepest levels of organized crime in society to ever exist in modern- day society.

    Today the battlefront is different and they are knowing humans must be fought from within their own minds in order to be defeated outwardly….Your brain is your sword, your gun and amo so to speak. The FBI & CIA’s only advantage is being removed from the fictionalized- fantasy reality at any point they choose, but learn to gain control and that is where they fail at!. Period.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very insightful. I hope you also are a researcher or writer, because you are spot on.

      Please, continue to read through ROGS here, and I wish you the best.

      Yes- the mind is the new battle field for these psychopathic mercenaries of the One Percent.

      If you read through here, you will quickly see how frequently I have been personally attacked in the most bizarre ways-use my search feature and look for “BOLO” and “Lost and Found”-it has been going on since 2003-4, when I wrote a news story that the one percent didn’t like.

      And I can even name the exact person who found it objectionable-a little neocon AIPAC affiliated administrator from a midwestern college working with progressive politicians and the local police mobs aka the Clinton COPS program. Then, they kicked it up to Make-A-Rat, Incorporated.

      The King Rat has since taken over the University system in that area, and one of his AIPAC sponsored colleagues is at Johns Hopkins now. They really are true and actual cabals working in our institutions and countries-and training our police now.

      Most cases of OGS can be litigated if we spot the patterns early enough, and call these rats by their proper names, but these types depend upon statutes of limitations to run out before we catch these literal conspiracies in action.

      Academic/real estate related stalkings are among the easiest to prove, now that we see the wide range of electronic abuse that leave IP trails, and squad cars that all have GPS and so on. All of this can be subpoenaed in a civil case if you catch it early enough.

      But make no mistake- it isn’t old white Republicans in white sheets doing it these days-it is the multi-cultists and their networks of old white Jewish/other administrators draped in the Israeli flag and pseudo-diversity.

      These are the gatekeepers of our modern world, and without irony, they were the same gatekeepers who set up the Holocaust.

      Dual nationals indeed-so that they always have a place to run and hide after setting up Holocausts for others.

      And who heads THOSE diverse organizations, and the PR wings of the neocon state? Yup. “they” are doing it, whoever “they” are, one genocide, one repressive totalitarian regime, one DHS asset forfeiture racketeering scheme after after another.


    1. Hi Charles.

      Well, there’s no such thing as bad PR! And thanks for bringing up this interesting and well documented angle of gang stalking, aka “cause marketing and how some are using it to drive internet revenue streams and click-cash.

      And yes it can ut a guy out of business. Progressives notoriously use the tactic against the religious right, but it is a common marketing strategy that can be misused.

      ANd, some of the more unethical companies use armies of trolls from outside the country to attack American’s. Have a look at comments here form 2011, where trolls from India are implicated harassing people in San Antonio TX.



  2. Issis has infiltrated the government and is using gang stocking techniques as a way to recruit new members. They are planning to rip the country apart from the inside, and what better way to do this than to poss as a trusted government official.


    1. Um. Nope.

      American’s have infiltrated sanity, and they are taking huge craps on the Constitution, along with the Five Eyes nations who are more afraid of guys who hump camels than Eastern Bloc Bankers, who run virtual slavery rackets and a peonage system right here under our noses.

      Keep in mind that in religious theocracies, and other Inquisition-styled totalitarian surveillance and torture states, run by neo-cons from the Catholic and Jewish and Mormon-Protestant religious folds everything looks like a cigar, and these are deathly afraid their women might take up smoking….

      While Islam is, without any rational doubt, a sh!thole religion full of delusional people, just like the rest of organized religions, one cannot fault people too much, who are on one hand, worrying about their own government chopping their hands of, and on the other hand, are being led (by the hand) into manufactured terror plots that are led by great masterminds like Paul Blart, and his cohort of “democracy subverters” in the “sooper seekrit aginicies.”

      Lastly, brother,, if you are actually discovering issis in government-please SAY SOMETHING! Call the Fusion Center, or the local FBI office-thousands of times per week if you have to!

      Put up flyers everywhere, and enccourage callls-any calls at all-to the flagging 911 system.

      And then-duck! Because lots of mentally ill people, old ladies and puppies, and children get shot just after calling 911.

      And- call them A LOT, because their salaries depend on it. In fat-in some states, One Bad Guy is worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year in a jail cell, where several others feed off of him in “state jobs” like buzzards feed off of carcasses, or crows pick through cowsh!t.

      And if someone is stalking you, or trying to get you to build a bomb, or some other creative State Level Insanity-run! It ISN’T issis.
      Get a camera-call a witness, snap some photos, and record the conversations!

      It’s simply UGLY and very very BAD what these POS agents are doing to low IQ people who can barely spell!


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